At Fysiofit Den Haag, we believe in an active partnership between therapist and client with open and clear communication.

The highly qualified physiotherapists of Fysiofit offer prompt and efficient treatments using the latest treatment methods, technology and equipment for a speedy return to full fitness. Our team of professionals are here to listen to your concern or ailment and find the right solution for your recovery. All physiotherapists have specialized in one or several other fields such as Manual Therapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Children’s Physiotherapy and Postural Therapy (Mensendieck/Cesar).

Looking after a condition though, is one thing. At Fysiofit we have complemented our team of professionals with those who actively work towards preventing ailments and finding a balanced and healthy life style. Among the complementary services and programmes we offer are: Pregnancy Fitness, Pilates, Yoga and.

This is but a summary of who we are, what we do and how we can help. Please note: not all the active links on our site will lead you to English pages. Instead, you are most welcome to drop into one of our 4 locations in The Hague or contact us by phone or email with any specific inquiries you may have. Please do not hesitate to do so. Together we can work towards the solution you need.

For those unfamiliar with the Dutch Healthcare system, and the corresponding insurance claim procedures, please know that if you are insured with a Dutch company a referral to a physio is not required for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company if the package you have covers physiotherapy and if there is a limit on the number of sessions in a calendar year. Fysiofit is proud of their quality labels ‘Plus Practice’ and ‘Top Care’ acknowledged by the major health insurance companies.

If you are insured with a foreign company we recommend you consult them about reimbursement requirements beforehand.

‘Working together with you, that is what we do’!